A Capsule Weekend Wardrobe

Raise you're hand if you feel like you never have anything to wear and hate everything in your closet... (me every other day). When I start to feel like this I try to fall back on the basics, sometimes it's the simple things in life that tend to work out

How to Make 2017 Your FLYEST Year Yet!

Just in time for 2017’s much anticipated arrival, I’ve tapped into the minds of some of the most brilliant #goaldiggers I know to see how they recommend making the absolute most out of the 365 days ahead. Today on In Her Shoes, seven goddesses from all walks of life are


"I love washing my hair" - said no girl ever. The most comical thing I've experienced recently is explaining to Andy why I don't really look forward to showers. For a guy whose favorite thing in the world is a long shower with hot water flowing though his hair and

J.FitzPatrick Launches Belt Collection

The time has arrived for us to launch our new J.FitzPatrick belt collection! We have been working hard recently to bring this new and exciting product launch to our collection. What better way to celebrate a pair of our shoes than to add a matching or complementing belt. The new belts are made

NYC Event: In Her Shoes Holiday POP-IN at Vivrant Beauty

TONIGHT! Come mix, mingle, sip bubbly & indulge in sweet treats by BCakeNY from 6-9p at our HOLIDAY POP-IN SOIRÉE at Vivrant Beauty. Meet, greet, and shop with the beauties behind the #ihsholiday16 gift guide brands: Rayo & Honey, Sewit Sium Jewelry, Effie’s Paper, and The Perfect Find. Hope to see you

Tips for Throwing a Holiday Party that’s LIT

I'll probably look back on this blog title next year and cringe, but you know what? I'm living in the now and the cool kids use LIT to describe really awesome parties, plus our invites definitely said "Let's Get LIT!"   As I mentioned earlier this week, we're still recovering from our

Ready for the Holidays

I am so excited the holidays are almost here! This is my favorite time of the year. We have been busy decorating and gift shopping for the season. This year we have a lot to prepare for. My birthday, Jeff’s birthday, our anniversary and Christmas and New Years are all

Holiday Like a Boss

Two holiday parties down, four to go! How did you fair this weekend? This is literally my fave time of the year, so I'm like bring on ALL the Christmas music, wine, gingerbread cookies, parties, and presents. To be honest, just give me free booze and a cheese platter and

Get Featured on the ShoeperWoman Instgram page!

A few weeks ago, I changed the name of my Instagram account from ‘ShoeperWoman’ to ‘ForeverAmberBlog’, as that’s the site I was most often linking to from it. I kept the ‘ShoeperWoman’ handle, though, although I had absolutely no idea what to do with it: and then it hit me