When in doubt, LBD!

I'm never one to shy away from an LBD, especially as it relates to date night or in this case: Valentine's Day. Vday may be a little overrated but given the current social climate, I think any excuse to celebrate LOVE is a great thing. Speaking of love: Andy and

A Capsule Weekend Wardrobe

Raise you're hand if you feel like you never have anything to wear and hate everything in your closet... (me every other day). When I start to feel like this I try to fall back on the basics, sometimes it's the simple things in life that tend to work out

How to Make 2017 Your FLYEST Year Yet!

Just in time for 2017’s much anticipated arrival, I’ve tapped into the minds of some of the most brilliant #goaldiggers I know to see how they recommend making the absolute most out of the 365 days ahead. Today on In Her Shoes, seven goddesses from all walks of life are


"I love washing my hair" - said no girl ever. The most comical thing I've experienced recently is explaining to Andy why I don't really look forward to showers. For a guy whose favorite thing in the world is a long shower with hot water flowing though his hair and