I found this 70s velvet vest and the velvet striped blazer when I was vintage shopping at Dolly Python last week. They are both very Marc Bolan pieces, I loved them layered together. I’ll probably wear them with high waisted flares this fall, but for summer they are really fun with

The best shoes of the week

It’s been a while since I featured a pair of Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes, so I’m kicking off this week’s Shoeper Shoesday roundup with a fabulous pair of heart-front shoes! [Buy them here] These are an updated version of the original Lady Dragon heart shoes, and this time, as you’ll see,

Ladies wear heels

Summer is about being carefree, exploring, taking risks. Pushing the boundaries and trying new things. Summer is not about being restricted, unoriginal, bored or uninspired. We are sole believers that no one should be pressured to adhere to anyone’s conceptions of what is right and wrong. Fashion is all about doing what

Classics Beyond Classics – Main D’Or

Today has been so manic that I really don’t even have time to write much but I saw these bespoke shoes by Main D’or on Claymoor’s List and fell in love. They make classic shoes look better than I have ever seen before and that is no lie. They are

Slides are for the locker room

Summer is the season for wine tastings, fun outdoor dining and hot summer days. When the temperatures start to rise, we want a shoe that can withstand the long days, because closed toe shoes are simply not an option. A nice pair of slides is exactly the footwear to walk us through our summer.

Selma Idris Introduces The Brown Crayon Project

Selma Idris is proud to introduce The Brown Crayon Project, a carefully-curated collection of hair, scalp, skin and body cleansers, conditioners, lotions, moisturizers and oils formulated with brown babies in mind. Selma Idris: Founder, The Brown Crayon Project “My first son, Adam, developed cradle cap, like so many babies do. I sourced

Enzo Bonafe Brown Cordovan for Skoaktiebolaget

Skoaktiebolaget is doing some interesting stuff with Enzo Bonafe and this lovely brown cordovan. All too often you see Cordovan in the common burgundy/oxblood color, which is beautiful no doubt, but it is refreshing to see it in this lovely mid-brown shade that I think will take a lot of

The story of the Clarks Desert boot

Clarks and their iconic Desert Boot have always been one to break the mold. Since 1950, Clarks has captured the creativity of subcultures, whether it is in the dance halls of Jamaica or the busy streets of Paris. The brand has been a part of the counter-culture movement of individuals