Gaziano Girling New ‘Savile’ Monkstrap

For those that may not know Gaziano & Girling have just recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and I couldn’t be happier for them. I still remember the day that I discovered them, like it was yesterday, in their first every bit of publicity in the US version of Robb Report.


   I’m Kenzo obsessed. Not the label reboot of Kenzo by Opening Ceremony…the original! I have all my favorite 70s and 80s Kenzo ads saved, they were all shot by my favorite photographer Hans Feurer. Old Kenzo can be pricey but when I came across this skirt it was

Tips for booking Airbnb Abroad

What was life like before Airbnb? Where did we throw birthday parties, staycation, or have big group slumber parties? What a time to be alive!   I've been Airbnb'ing since 2015 and have always had the best experiences (knock on wood!), however, when it came time to plan my Europe trip, the thought of staying

5 Travel Tips to Help You Live a Color Full Life

I’ve teamed up with State Farm® to help spread the word about Color Full Lives, an initiative that promotes positivity and empowerment and celebrates all women in the African American community through experiential and digital engagements. Summer ’16 was SO many things, but one thing it isn’t, is over (there’s one

Currently Crushing On: rayo honey

Instagram has always been a gold mine for discovering dope creators and magic makers. One of my latest IG-inspired decor obsessions is rayo & honey. Looking for creative and attention-grabbing ways to adorn your office or home with powerful messages? This thoughtfully-curated collection of hand designed pendants has everything we

Exotics – Your cow leather alternatives

Shoes Above: Crocodile by Riccardo Bestetti Up until I moved to Italy to learn bespoke shoemaking, I never really was a fan of exotics. This was partly due to the fact that in America, certain exotic leathers are made in a way that they are insanely gaudy i.e. blue and green

70s Quilted Amazingness

      Just when I was trying to cut back on my vintage buying, I came across this incredible quilted jacket and immediately caved. Note to self: block eBay and Etsy from my browser for at least a week. It really was too unique to pass

Norman Vilalta – London Trunk Show Sept. 23rd-24th

Norman Vilalta, the bespoke shoemaker out of Barcelona who also has his own RTW line, is visiting London the weekend of the 23rd-24th of September to showcase his shoes and take orders for those of you inclined to support his brand. For those that don’t know Norman’s history is long in

Attire of Early September

Click on the items to shop the looks! It’s starting to get just a little bit cooler here. A smidge. Some days more so than others…sigh. I was staring longingly at a box of sweaters packed in my garage this morning. We’re a far ways from sweater weather yet