Exploring Brooklyn with Christine C.

On the constant hunt for gorgeous murals across the country, my friends and I spent the summer exploring different neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. We focused on Williamsburg and Bushwick, as those have the strongest art communities, and commission the most public art.


The shoes:

Because most of our days of exploring were upwards of 5-7 miles of walking, I wore my Converse for all of the trips. Whenever I search for street art, I always make sure to wear shoes that are a blank palette, so that they do not take away from the art behind the subject.

Pictured above: Converse All-Star Leather Ox

Pictured above: Converse Chuck Taylor low  in Optical White


converse-cta sneakers-cta


We started off our day at the Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg which has a roof top bar, with cabanas to hang out in. Not to mention the lovely succulent/cactus garden that lines the entire roof top. They have two gorgeous walls right outside of their store, one grey with white text, and one pink and green flowers. These are my favorite pieces in all of Williamsburg as they are so simple and yet details and elegant. We then went into Concrete and Water, to satisfy my need for Minimalism, to contrast the colorful and eclectic art. Most of the murals we saw were painted by Colossal Media. They are commissioned to paint some of the most famous murals in Brooklyn and Manhattan. I have been looking forward to seeing ‘Lost In Time’ a mural of Steven Paul’s Gold Medal photograph. The mural is at least 20 feet high and sits on the side of a building. It is all in black and white, and the portrait is striking.




One of the most incredible offerings about Bushwick is the Bushwick Collective, a collective of artists who paint murals that scale the height of the warehouses and restaurants in the areas between the Morgan Ave and Jefferson subway stops. This area of Brooklyn has become so famous there are tour guides who walk around the area discussing the story of each mural. We ran into an artist, Keno Rivas, who was in the process of painting his mural and hear his story. It is always interesting to meet these artists and hear their stories. There is a van that is parked at the end of the collective that is covered in art as well. Because the murals are so overwhelmingly beautiful, we decided to end our day at AP Cafe, which is a Minimalist inspired cafe in the middle of the Collective. Their cafe is detailed with concrete and is a designer’s dream. Full list of murals.

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