Ready for the Holidays

I am so excited the holidays are almost here! This is my favorite time of the year. We have been busy decorating and gift shopping for the season. This year we have a lot to prepare for. My birthday, Jeff’s birthday, our anniversary and Christmas and New Years are all

Holiday Like a Boss

Two holiday parties down, four to go! How did you fair this weekend? This is literally my fave time of the year, so I'm like bring on ALL the Christmas music, wine, gingerbread cookies, parties, and presents. To be honest, just give me free booze and a cheese platter and

Get Featured on the ShoeperWoman Instgram page!

A few weeks ago, I changed the name of my Instagram account from ‘ShoeperWoman’ to ‘ForeverAmberBlog’, as that’s the site I was most often linking to from it. I kept the ‘ShoeperWoman’ handle, though, although I had absolutely no idea what to do with it: and then it hit me

Kirsten Magwood Presents: Callipygous Complex

New York City creative entrepreneur Kirsten Magwood is wrapping up the year on a high note with the launch of “A$$ential Art,” a traveling and evolving exhibition that explores race, class, and gender. Proceeds from the sale of pieces in this show will support “Assets: Exploring the Bottom Line” which

Aubercy’s Latest Creations

The Parisian shoe house, Aubercy, never ceases to amaze me for their design brilliance. I won’t lie and say that I love every intricate design that they make, but I can appreciate the majority of them and love a great many, such as this new amazing penny loafer with contrasted

3 pairs of blue shoes (and boots)

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I’m a big fan of navy, and wear it fairly often: it’s basically my answer to black, being that little bit more forgiving to my pale complexion, and it’s just as good a neutral. There’s just one problem, though: shoes. While there’s

10 Festive Tops for the Holiday Party Circuit

Well, we're officially in the thick of holiday season. If you have any ounce of sale shopping left in you, don't forget to check out my Cyber Monday post. If you've moved on to all of the upcoming holiday parties, meet-ups, and family events you have to dress for then

Three pairs of glitter shoes from Topshop

So, I think it’s probably time to just give in to glitter, don’t you? We’re going to be inundated with it from now until Christmas (and probably afterwards, too), so rather than fight it, here are three pairs of sparkly shoes you can find at Topshop right now… Topshop ‘Major’ cross

Harlem’s Fashion Row: Black Friday Pop-Up Shop

Christina Brown of LoveBrownSugar & BabyBrownSugar Harlem’s Fashion Row is hosting its first ever Black Friday pop-up shop! The holidays are fast approaching and you won’t want to miss this chance to come out and support multicultural designers. With so much going on in the world today, HFR wants to give its