Bottega Veneta Intrecciolusion Flats Italy Replica Shoes


Flats are notable the most important shoes ever invented, they are instant, easy, quick and for the most part; extremely comfy. If you are like and wants to stay chic at work, wear a pair of elegant ballerinas to stand-out. Introducing the latest Bottega Veneta flats from the intrecciolusion collection.

The diamond patterns certainly represents the tradition of the brand, but the quality and the stretch-ability are the elements that should grasp your attention. You see, the flawless materials like satin and nappa has made it possible for the shoe to automatically adjust to your comfort. Stretch-able flats are very flexible as they are excellent for traveling like car city-tours. Whenever you feel to, you can pack these shoes back into the matching-satin carrying pouch that comes along and hide it inside your bag. You can’t get versatile than that.

I love the petale pink, the color is cute and can easily match to bright colors. However, they are also available in quetsche purple. Usually designer brands has their signature or logo embellished on the toe of the shoes, but for stretch-able flats like these, that’s not quite possible. Creatively, Bottega Veneta embossed on the heel the iconic butterfly, adorable! There is just one word that I would like to share: ‘these flats are made for the true lady look’.

You can find them on Bottega Veneta e-store or offline-store for $450 USD or €320 EUR.

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