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The case has been referred to the ECJ at 2014.Sanjay Kapur, partner and trade mark lawyer at intellectual property company Potter Clarkson LLP, said: “When the ECJ follow the advocate general’s view, then this might indicate that Louboutin would not be able to stop its rivals, such as haute couture fashion houses, from providing shoes with red soles. The red sole could consequently become ubiquitous, which would seriously lower the cachet associated with the Louboutin brand.” How Louboutin became the go-to A-listers — at pictures.Elaine O’Hare of law firm Stevens & Bolton said the case would be of “great interest” to other luxury fashion brands trying to protect their own signature contours or colours.Shoe designer Christian Louboutin Shoes Replica could eliminate the right to trademark his famous red bottoms following a court adviser said he might not qualify to prevent others from selling the same sort of sole.The trademark which prevents other shoe designers from replicating red-soled stilletto heels may be invalid because it unites both color and shape, based on a advocate general at the European Court of Justice.


Step away from the safe colors, they are dangerously obvious choice for this season. And add some sensational jungle pattern in your wardrobe, you will need it.

But where to find?

How about… at Christian Louboutin 5th Avenue Replica store?

Find the best shoes in the world, meet Christian Louboutin 70mm Boots Replica Espadrilles. They are comfortable, stylish and definitely approved by the fashion police.

Take a closer look, there are gold spikes embellished on the sides (not as a weapon, but it can be handy). The spikes are trending and it will enhance your laidback looks wherever you go.

There is one more print – embellished with pumps, the Louboutin style. And of course, for those that want to keep it simple. The Ares Espadrille is also available in white, with white spikes by the way.

Priced at 425 euro, 595 usd or 525 usd, 445 euro for the white version.