Christian Louboutin Confusa Pumps Wholesale Suppliers


I love Louboutin’s model pictures; it doesn’t show the face but the shoes. Here you see a model carrying a pair of sophisticated pumps from the latest collection. It shows elegant, classy and confident.

The shoe is named the Christian Louboutin Shoes Men Replica Confusa Pumps, besides the 100mm heels and the ultra chic colombe nappa laminao, it also features labyrinthine leather laces all the way to the top. Mixed with the colors gold and beige, refined with the brand’s famous red-soles, these shoes are absolutely to-die-for.

Pair it with your evening dress or for the night-outs, from the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, priced at $1,195 USD at Christian Louboutin e-store.



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